Community Empowerment for Sustainable Development is my priority. In the past few months, I have given myself fully to the quest of empowering my community women and youth in the lower cadre of the society to help them break the barriers that limit them economically. This week, I kicked off a two week vocational skills training in Ajah Lagos State.

The project: ”WHAT HAND CAN DO TO MAKE MONEY ”is an economic empowerment program aimed at reducing the unemployment rate and eradicating poverty of business ideas. I was invited by RCCG to empower their members, and by referral they arranged for the people to attend. I gave them the cost estimate of all I will need and they paid for it. The church did the advertising but invited me to facilitate.

The program had 70 participants including women and men where they learnt how to make various  confectioneries.

25 thoughts on “Economic Empowerment Programs – SI4DEV Partner in Lagos”

  1. I love this! empowering this women is worthwhile and their role in economic development of this nation is key. Learning this skill is key and with time it is developed as business, then system is built around it to take it to the next level.

    thanks for sharing.

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