In order to get properly acquainted and also to strategize better, the Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV) Lagos_Magodo/Surulere group, held her first meeting which lasted for 2 hours yesterday, April 15, 2018. The meeting was held at the Debonairs Pizza section of the Ikeja Mall and was scheduled for 4:00pm, however it began at 4:30pm.


We had in attendance 4 persons from the Lagos_Magodo group and 2 persons who joined us from the Surulere group.

For Lagos_Magodo group:

  1. Peniel Mark-Edomwande
  2. Ojo Adewuyi Taiwo .M.
  3. Joy Iseki
  4. Nwamaka Osu

For Lagos_Surulere group:

  1. Julie Obi
  2. Olaofe Mojisola


The meeting began with introductions of the people present. Everyone introduced themselves and what they do and we asked questions to better understand certain areas of what some people do. It was really inspiring to learn about how people are making a lot of impact in the little corners of Society.

Project for Global Youth Service day:

We discussed extensively about some of the projects that we could carry out for the Global Youth Service Day. We took in cognizance, the fact that the time that we have to plan is short and so we need a platform that will provide us with the audience that we need and also, a place that would not require too many formalities to get into.

In this vein, we decided to go with an Orphanage visit where we would provide fun and educational games for the children and also, take some items and gifts to them as well, to mark the celebrations.

Action Plans: The date chosen for the event was Saturday, April 21, 2018.

We agreed to have two teaching sessions by two of our members. Peniel would take the kids on social etiquette and inappropriate behavior which would be very practical and include a lot of games and songs for the kids to learn.

Also, Joy would take the kids on the topic of self evolving and becoming self aware.

We also agreed on the items to take to the Orphanage. These items include:

1 Carton of Indomie                           N2000

1 Carton of Ribena (contains 32)    N2500

1 bag of Cheese balls                          N1500

Total                                                     N 6000

Amongst the other items that we would donate on individual basis.

Polo Choice:

We agreed on a design for the polo and immediately made plans to have them ready by latest, Thursday, April 19, 2018. The cost of the polos was fixed at N2000 each.

Ways of increasing membership:

On ways to increase membership, we agreed to use our various social media handles to create awareness and recruit more volunteers.

Subsequent projects:

We agreed that we would come up with various project plans that cover the various focus areas of SI4DEV which include; enhanced care, quality education, economic development and good governance. Also, since some of us already have up and running NGOs, we could also partner with them on projects as well.


The meeting ended at 6:30pm with closing prayers and we agreed that deliberations would continue to hold via the Whatsapp chat room platform and we would hold subsequent face to face meetings as the need arises.




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