The success stories of many are incomplete without the backstage stories of hard times these folks went through in making their dreams a reality. The price to succeed is beyond the spoken words of saying ‘I will do’ it must be backed up by action.

It exactly 7 days since I left this platform for a retreat and also to take appraisal for all the activities of mine in the first half of the year. The retreat was an awesome one and I must say it was worthwhile. Most time in life is very necessary we stay away from the hustle and bustle of life and stay silent to hear the real voice that determines that which we will become in life in other to make the real impact that really and truly counts.

So many a times the quest for success and meeting target can be abused and we think we are being productive and achieving result but we never know we are just involved in mere activities. This is where staying away from the crowd comes into play and I call it retreat.

The 72hours experience was an experience that was worth it ranging from the spiritual activities, to personal meditation to counsel from those that have gone ahead of me on the things that have to be done aright. Like a wise man once told me “the spiritual rules the physical”. And indeed in my little number of years on earth I have seen and tested power and I know that the spiritual realm governs the physical realm.

I had to take the necessary appraisal of all my life and goals from January till June and know all that I have been doing, the impact made, the result gotten, what I did well, what I didn’t do well, how to improve and remain focused too. I discovered many things in the course of the retreat and I must say the most important one is the “Inner Peace” I have in doing all that I have been doing from January till date which to me is the most important factor. I have made a lot of impact in this impact in the lives of many, I have made wonderful relationships with wonderful people across the globe, I have joined and volunteered for reputable organizations that have added value to me and vice versa.

This whole retreat points me back to purpose and making me realize that I am on track in all that I have been doing and also reminds me of the tasks that lies ahead and how to make things better to get more beautiful and tangible results.

I also discovered that this impact I have made wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of collaboration of some wonderful people who married their skills and expertise in making sure things are done the right way, these folks include; Yosi Danjuma, Iweh Chukwudi, Abubakar Musa, Abubakar Umar, Jennifer Richards, John Opurum, Nneka Nebolisa, Juddy Jude, Amanda Obidike, Gbenga Oba, Blessing Ukatu, Prisca Akiotu,  Jamila Toba, Femi Arogunyo, Major Valentine, Treasure Albert, Bimpe Olawale, Eric Ajandu, Kingsley Ejere, Fredrick Nwankwo, Nkem Akinsoto, Onyemachi Okereke, Promise Emeka, Joshua Bello, and the list could go on and on.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank organizations that have contributed immensely to the development of this dude called Roberts; Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (Si4dev), Generations for Peace, E-ment Global Enterprise, Golden Heart Foundation and Dominion City Church.

It was truly and wonderful moment as I have known the way forward for the second half of the year and the result that is required of me to get and the impact that must be made to affect the our society, starting from our immediate community.

Every human must always have this in mind that we have been given TIME AND TALENT which is the best TREASURE that have been given to us all by the creator. How effective you use these resources will determine how treasured you will be in the society.

Bottom Line:

Focus on what works and get the desired result that counts.

19 thoughts on “THE ENCOUNTER RETREAT”

    1. I can tell that you did not read my work friend. I advice that you do so next time. We should not always be motivated by the money will make from the blog. So many a times the information gotten will transform your life and give you the money you. Please next time read before commenting… Thank you

  1. Well done Sir!

    Well, I too was away, not intentionally for a retreat. I faced some hard times, but it made me discover myself more. Reading your post, looks like we were in alignment though at opposite ends. I too was alone and thought of my alignment with my purpose. In fact, I composed songs about these.

    Welcome back Sir!

    1. I am glad you are on the same track my dear. And most times we get a new dimension to what we want to get out of life from the current situation of things happening. You can see that you were inspired to write a song that is what I mean by new dimension. The pressure squeezed a sweet juice off you in the form of song. I will like to read the lines or if it is recorded I will like to listen to it.

      I appreciate you plenty.

  2. Awwww seeing my name on the list of names you wrote brought tears to my eyes. Honestly being on this platform is one of the best things that has happened to me this year. Thank you for all that you do both here and outside and most importantly, thank you for motivating me. This write up made me recheck myself and measure my achievements this year. Most strength to you Sir and Welcome back.

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