It’s heartbreaking when youths of this generation make certain choices. These people see the wrong habits and crime (drugs, sexual immorality, drinking, smoking, human trafficking, cultism, vandalism, rape, murder)  and still dive in, it’s nothing but a paradox .

Youths age range of 14 to 35, carry out these acts because of improper coaching from adolescense. They are blinded by their hate towards what they never had, this might sound far-fetched but it’s the basic truth.

I had the opportunity to converse with one of them and why they carry out these inhuman act, this is Kelson’s story.

“I grew up in a family of eight (8) as the first child, with my parents not usually around, they leave before dawn and come back late at dusk, we had little or no parental training, the best training we get from our parents is excess beating for just a little or no wrong.”

He further stated he grew up hating his parents for everything – there was no care, no parental coaching, no parental love, no education experience, etc.

Kelson had no love in him, he was never loved (you can’t give what you don’t have, you can’t have what you haven’t been given either), his parents were always insulting to the government, thinking they deserved better from the society and government .

So the best way he could help himself was to get into the street with his eyes wide open, but blindly executing evil.

We can make the next generation  better, let’s try to love these people. Let’s work together to rehabilitate them,  give them new skills so that they too can contribute to the society positively and the generation to come.

33 thoughts on “The Seeing but Blind Generation.”

    1. I believe for you to basically discover that you can put your self out to mentor them. Starting from the basics of ethics and norm to the child that comes around, they in turn will be good examples to everybody they come across.

    1. it takes a smart kid to discover he needs just to believe in him self to defeat every low self esteem, everybody can be what he or she wants, how many juveniles knows and believes that. You can always wear a smile and remind them that it’s all there Choice to be what they want.

  1. Whenever i get the opportunity to interact with them, i always make them feel welcomed around me so as to create the environment for positive impact. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

  2. My believe is that parents who have poor integrity whether at home or outside should not expect anything better from their kids. But on the other hand, youths should also think of their own lives and future and strive to be better persons, regardless of what backgrounds they come from.

    1. it takes a learned youth to decide which part. those exposed to positivy tend to act positively and follow a brighter part. Let’s take our words and voice to hidden corners and affect these youths that need to be saved.

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