The emerging of a new era in his life led another question which is; what are these gift and talent that needs to be shaped for effective skillfulness which will yield good result that will make impact in the life of people? And immediately he started listing them out on a piece of paper and at the end of the day his strength zone was discovered which is developing content, speaking, research, social work, consultancy.

So he started out a mini consulting firm as a student on campus where he made research for students, he spoke in seminars where he taught students and potentials on purpose, also involved himself in social work with his friends to prisons, villages and schools.

He started studying in line with his new area of specialty to standout, attended conferences, listened to audio tapes and also watched videos to make this new found love a reality.

All this to conquer poverty and become that person he dreamt to be from childhood but he was never told the terrain in the world out there will not be bed of roses as the campus environment.

So after school, he went to serve his fatherland which is a compulsory for every graduate of his country which he did judiciously. Owing to the fact that he already have a good relationship with the Divine One (God) he fraternised with the people of like mind who had same believe with him called Jesus Corpers in that locality where he was sent to carry out his one year service. Under the unbrellar of Jesus Corper he volunteered in various capacity and this good act made him win the heart of the people he worked for ranging from the managemet, to the staff, to the students, which made the lead facilitator of the school make a statement in his final clearance;”He is a mentor to these kids”.

After the service year, he was invited for an interview by a telecom company in one of the mega city in his country via referral of a colleague back in the university, but the bottleneck in the system called “Corruption” caused him the job. After the interview process, he called the friend who referred him and He was told bluntly by the Human Resource Manager that Ugochukwu was the best in the whole interview process but the Director has the best reason why Ugo was not selected.

Days went by and Ugo has nothing doing and frustration was on the increase and many things ran through his mind, suicide inclusive which is the reason why he went ahead to get his company registered because of the humiliation of job seeking so he could kick start his passion.
He was shortlisted by the government for an empowerment programme where young enterpreneurs are given soft loans to start their business the bottled neck system killed it again.

He decided to work on commission for a real estate firm to raise some funds for his dream but that did not work and he kept pushing, he ventured into multilevel marketing still no positive result.

After all said and done, Ugochukwu met an old friend whom he knew from childhood, who had grown his business from scratch into some millions. Fortunately the friend us from the same region of the Rising Sun. The people from the region are known to have gift and expertise for business. This friend of his also does volunteering for a reputable international NGO and he has been trained as a delegate and at that moment they were running an initiative and gave Ugochukwu chance to participate and that was the beginning of a new things about to happen in Ugo’s life. Ugochukwu’s performance was awesome as a participant that the officials of the organisation liked him and he is in their good books to be and to be considered for training in the next delegate training.

He has clear vision of where he is headed but need that one thing that makes a whole difference to hit the lime light of business. So he has started saving in an account he opened many years ago which has no access for withdrawal. And also writing to earn while volunteering to make impact in his community and the one outside his.

He finds peace in what he does. As he derives joy in the impact made in the lives of other people, believing that is the thing that makes a whole lot of difference which will eventually lead him to his primary objective in life.

Thank you for reading. This is just the beginning of better things ahead for Ugochukwu. Never give up, believe in your heart always that you can make it and follow up with a corresponding action that will give you the desired result.

God Bless you. Be inspired always

Keep winning
Keep smiling
Keep loving
Keep living
Keep your head high always
Roberts say so.

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