Great minds this story is touchy and its based on true life. Read and be blessed.

Like his normal routine back in the University that fateful morning 4:45am in Uturu a village in the Eastern part of his country tagged the region of the rising sun. He had watched the situation of things back home not straight, normal nor rosy. He wakes up every morning and thanks the divine one for another new day, studies the special book of wisdom that talks about the divine one, his principles and the way to lead his life and finally to his academic material and self development material to become a better person in morals and all that is to be.

Like a flash he paused while studying the book titled “The Jewish Code” in his hostel room that fateful morning when a question popped up and the question was so strong and touchy. That question was; “What is Poverty?”.

He thought of the right combination of words to coin out a definition but at that moment he seems to blank out with ideas and concepts on what exactly to say, he always has dictionary on his table while studying so he laid hold of it and searched for the word “Poverty”. The dictionary define poverty as state of being poor, scarcity and lack.

The definition from the dictionary gave him an idea of the right words to coin out and he defined poverty as “eating from hand to mouth”. This made him understand the very fact of not having all that he desires as he can’t make all ends meet, which means he had identified a problem which needs a serious, urgent and permanent solution.

The question of solution and how to go about it led him to another brainstorming session that morning and it dawn on him that many things are involved in the cause of trying to solve the problem of poverty which is first “Self discovery” which boarders around purpose. When purpose is discovered the strategic skills required to make impact that will translate into something tangible called “Money”.

He asked himself aloud that fateful morning; “What is Purpose?” and all this broke him down all in the quest to make sure the cancer poverty leaves him and his unborn generation alone.

He even went ahead to question himself about the calibre of friends he has and the impact they are having on everything he does ranging from his relationship with the divine one, his academics, and his financials, then he remembered the popular proverbs that says “birds of the same feather flock together”. Luckily he has the right people around him if the not the drastic decision of letting some go away was about to be made.

Hope you had a wonderful moment of reflection as you read through the lines. The revelational question of Ugochukwu will continue in the next episode.

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