What I learnt from the RLC about myself, leadership and Society

The training on the Yali RLC platform immensely impacted my views about certain subjects for example myself. I understood that for me to ably perform efficiently as a leader, I have to constantly seek on enhancing my personality by identifying/working on my weaknesses and as well improve on my strengths. This I can do by seeking help through study, mentorship and taking up more responsibilities. My training has made me come to terms with the fact that a true leader is cultural aware, intelligent and do not discriminate against any set of people, rather he seeks to learn, understand and gradually influence positively.

For leadership to be effective, the leader has to understand the backgrounds of his subjects’ in order to conveniently communicate his goals and objectives and inspire followership. He must also be ethical in all his dealings.

Also, our society is constantly changing in a bid to adapt to global cultures. We are technologically immersed, diverse in thoughts and have high expectations. Hence, as leaders we should be open to change, embrace new ideas which drive innovations.

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