Yenagoa location also had her face to face meeting on Saturday 7th April at crunchies baybridge kpansia.The meeting was scheduled for 2.00pm but we started at 2:45 pm,with five members in attendance namely

  1. Aiyekusehin monisola
  2. Henry Afor
  3. Judith Mojibayo
  4. Joyce Solomon
  5. Karen shote

The meeting began with an opening prayer by Henry Afor after which we introduced ourselves,and Aiyekusehin monisola introduced SI4DEV and why we are gathered.
We shared the vision and mission of SI4DEV and the four focus areas of SI4DEV,And introduced the programs manager Nkem Akinsoto in absential
We explained the need for the assessment and how far we have gone .

Based on the responses from the assesment some core challenges were discussed which are:
*Gender issues(based on child rape,teenage pregnancy and domestic violence were women are most vulnerable)
*Drug addiction and cultism
*Access to quality education
*Lack of clean water.
We agreed to start from somewhere and we agreed to look into two areas
*Skill training
*Back to school kit.
Our focus is on children, teenagers and youngadults. We choose three areas Tombia, Kpansia and Okolobiri.

We agreed to write letters to three public schools in those areas asking for an opportunity to do a skills training/ enlightement campaign with the students.letters are to be distributed latest by Monday 23rd April to the schools.
We also agreed to distribute back to school kit to children for the next academic session resuming in September.
Other issues discussed were as follows

– Asking for a form of identification (Identify card)
– Letter head
Which I told them was already available.
T-shirt (they were also told plans was on ground by the programs manager).
Two persons were selected to distribute the letters. Joyce Solomon and Aiyekusehin monisola.
The meeting was adjourned to a later date and ended at 4:15 pm with closing prayer by karena shote

30 thoughts on “SI4DEV Yenogoa Location Group Reports on face to face Meeting”

  1. Great work. I believe the Lettterhead will be very important because of the letters you will be sending. Using a Letterhead gives you a brand and gives warm reception and acceptance you need.
    For ID card, I don’t think that is much important. You just need to communicate well with them and use the best approach to explain what and all you are about. Then, they won’t be asking for any ID cards. Who would refuse help and assistance for the sake of ID card. Once you can spell what you have to offer and the impact you want to make, they will readily accept you.

  2. The Global Youth Service Day initiative is a right step in the right direction. The 2018 edition will witness a great awakening especially in Ondo State.

    Thanks to SI4DEV management for its proactive measures and the Partners for their commitments.

    Together we will build a virile society with international best practices in politics, economy, health, technology, education, security, gender and youths oriented schemes.

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