In fulfilling the task from the SI4DEV Partners Program that location groups should organize different activities to commemorate the global youth service day, SI4DEV, Ado Ekiti took up this responsibility by organizing an awareness campaign on the need for active participation of youth in electioneering process.
This campaign was held at the Ekiti State University mini gate also known as Satellite gate. A total number of six volunteers of the location group including the location partner (Taoheed Olanrewaju ALIMI (Donald)) were present for the campaign.
With the financial support from the national program manager, flyers were printed and distributed to students as they step out of the school. This flyers contains information giving instructions on how to confirm voter card validity, how to vote, who to vote and where to vote. These all went along with an hashtag (#IWillVote).
Several students also identified with the volunteers to take pictures which were later used for social media awareness in facebook, instagram and twitter with the hashtag #IWillVote, #GetInvolved, #GYSD, #GetInspiredforPositiveSocialChange, @SI4DEV.
The awareness campaign lasted for 2 hours.
The awareness campaign was really expository as the volunteers saw the political apathy displayed by youths. This apathy was however discouraged through discussing the reasons why all youth should get involved. Questions as per where to get PVC and to vote were asked while partners of the organization provided adequate and correct information. All in all, the campaign was a success and it was really worth the time.
Taoheed Olanrewaju ALIMI,
For SI4DEV, Ado Ekiti Location group. (+2348160350557)

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