Here is the report of our #GYSD Port Harcourt group participation.

Date: 4/22/2018

Description of activity

SI4DEV Port Harcourt location group bought some dry foodstuff s, beverages, juice drinks, and toiletries for Our Savior orphanage at Rumukurushi in Obiakpo Local Government Area, Rivers State Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Purpose of activity was;

  1. To achieve SDG2: Hunger – End hunger by contributing our quota towards achieving this goal
  2. To achieve SDG17: Partnerships – Strengthen the means of implementation by partnering with other critical organizations and stakeholders towards the actualization of this goal.

Names of SI4DEV partners and volunteers who participated

  1. Austin Otuji
  2. Francis Eghehan
  3. Jonathan Onojedje
  4. Ekene Achu
  5. Olawale Samuel
  6. Joy Eregare

Actual number of children impacted: 17


Partnership opportunity – We intend to partner with Visible Charity Global Foundation to attain SDG1: Poverty – End poverty in all its forms everywhere by organizing a skill acquisition session for youths on cake making and event center decoration

Next step and action items.

  1. Produce voter awareness materials and lead a street campaign on voters’ registration and election participation.
  2. Conduct a talent show for church kids, poetry, singing, and dancing competition.
  3. We will buy hand sanitizers and teach hand washing to church kids


Lessons learned – what could we have done better?

  1. Early preparation would have led to a more robust outcome
  2. Improve on logistics to forestall any disappointment such as not getting our crested vest delivered as planned.
  3. Invited more volunteers to participate thereby exposing them to a life of service to society

23 thoughts on “SI4DEV Port Harcourt Celebrates GYSD with visitation and provision of food stuffs to an orphanage Home.”

  1. Great work team. This brings back some memories of the first time I ever visited an orphanage. It was amazing and same time touching. I was very glad that they found themselves as family and I also felt it that the only new friends they meet are those who are always brought into the orphanage.
    Visiting orphanages and showing them love lets them know that they are not alone and they do have friends outside the walls of the orphanage. Once again, great work guys.

    1. Very true! But I must commend some orphanages. The one my team visited recently had very good-looking kids. They were chubby. One wouldn’t even know that they belong to an orphanage. 3 out of the kids are in the university, and from inquiry, they were brought in years ago when they were yet babies.
      Some orphanages are better off than biological homes.

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